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    How can I ask the VA to not change my disability rating?

    Unless the VA has rated you as permanent and total, it may request that you attend an examination to determine if your disabilities have improved or worsened. Disability ratings are generally based upon the the vetran’s symptoms, which are determined by the VA’s examination results If the VA is proposing to reduce your disability rating, you have several options. Often, the best option is to document that you have symptoms that allow your rating to stay the same or increase. If you look at a copy of your rating decision (the document that lists all your service-connected disabilities and your percentages), you will see a four-digit code next to the disability. This is called a “Diagnostic Code.” If you look at 38 C.F.R. Part 4, you will find the Schedule for Rating Disabilities. The Schedule contains a list of all the diagnostic codes and what symptoms correspond to what ratings. If you believe VA is assigning you the wrong rating, you can look at the symptoms needed for the rating you want, and if you can document that you have those symptoms (especially in a medical report), you can ask VA to assign you the proper rating. You can find the rating schedule here:

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