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    How long does it take to resolve a case?

    All cases vary in how long they take to resolve. Simple cases with easily obtained evidence can sometimes finish in a year or less, but because the VA is currently far behind, delays associated with more complicated cases can sometimes take years to complete. For cases at the Court, if we can convince the VA lawyer that there are errors in your case, it typically takes six months to a year for a case to work its way through the Court process and back to the VA. If the VA fights us, it can take one to three years to get a decision from a Judge. Even after a case is sent back to the VA to be redone it may take many more years to resolve, and even then, a claim may remain denied. Because of this, our firm has developed practices to help our clients do two things: Understand and seek the evidence that is needed to have the best chance to win a case and do what is needed to get a decision made as quickly as possible.

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