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The Basics

The following outline of the types of veterans benefits offered by the VA and of the general claims process is not intended to provide legal advice but to help you determine whether you have a claim at the stage where our firm could possibly help you.

There are a variety of VA benefits (see below), but to obtain any of them you follow the same process, first filing a written claim with a VA regional office. The VA will assemble evidence from various sources and then either grant or deny benefits. If the claim is denied in whole or part, the decision is challenged by means of a Notice of Disagreement and then an appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. If the Board denies, then appeal is available to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

In order for our attorneys to represent without charge any veteran or family member in a claim for VA benefits, there must be one of the following: For claims currently before the VA regional office or Board of Veterans Appeals a Notice of Disagreement filed after June 20, 2007. For claims denied by the Board of Veterans Appeals (1) a pending appeal at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, or (2) a final decision of the Board where 120 days have not passed since that decision was rendered. If your claim is at any of these stages, we will gladly review your paperwork to see if we can help.

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