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David H.

Mr. Krasnegor, I can’t thank you and your Staff enough for all the hard work and due diligence you have all put into my case to bring it to a successful conclusion this year. We first spoke when I was having my Left knee replacement in May of 2006. My Right knee had been replaced the previous year. I orirginally filed my claim back in August of 2002. The claim was filed after reviewing it with a VA Consular who had said that what I showed him, that I should easily get a 100 percent disability rating. Not so, it was denied, and I was offered a chance to bring my case before a judge at the Regional VA office in St. Petersburg, FL. This occurred following right knee surgery March 2005. My VA assigned consular advised me not to waste my time coming for the hearing as my case had no merit. My wife Miriam and I were only more encouraged to attend the hearing. My VA consular met us and again urged us not to waste the Judges time. We went anyway. The Judge was quite friendly and asked a lot of questions about my military service. Giving it some thought, he recommended that I should get a civilian doctor to write a letter explaining my injuries. My orthopedic Doctor that performed the surgery was more than happy to comply. His opinion was that injuries to both my knees were due to my military service. So, I resubmitted my claim with the accompanying letter. This claim too was denied. I was frustrated and disgusted with the way the VA had treated me. That’s when I decided to get a lawyer to help me get through the VA process. Your firm was selected from dozens of solicitations I had received. This is where you came into the picture. You took charge. I got a second letter from another Orthopedic Surgery that was threatening me for some other issues. This letter stated that it was his opinion that all my injuries were related to my service. After that I thought at last things would break my way. Not so, but after many more VA examinations and denials at every turn you and your team stuck with it, resubmitting rebuttal after rebuttal. Finally, in December of 2018 we got the decision you thought I should have since you took the case. That took a lot of hard work from you and all the other members of your staff to bring my case to a successful conclusion. That’s 11 plus years of effort you and your staff dedicated to my case. To simply say THANKS is not enough. I owe my UTMOST GRATITUDE to You and your staff. I would be happy to highly recommend your services to any veteran in need of legal representation.