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    Linda Kay S.

    In March of 1968 my husband, David, stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and started down the horrible road called The VA. In July of 2008, David applied for aid and attendant so I could retire and take care of him because of the Rheumatoid arthritis that was taking over his body from the injuries he received in Vietnam. On August the 2oth, 2012 my beloved husband died after months in the hospital from the arthritis taking over his lungs. David’s claim for aid and attendant was denied by 2 judges claiming I had confused them and he did not qualify.
    In February of 2015, I had had enough and found my God-send, David Lowenstein. In less than a year he has taken hold of my cause and fought for me in ways I never could have and on October the 5th of 2016 David’s claim was approved. I will never get a chance to tell David that he got what was right but, I can sure tell you that without Mr. Lowenstein, I would have never found justice. Thank You
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