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    Ronald E.

    The “appeal” process with the Department of Veterans Affairs for me began March 2010. After almost five and a half years, I was numb with providing “additional information” necessary to keep my appeal active. Already had contacts with other law offices, reportedly experts in processing appeals for veterans, with very limited interest… I was fortunately referred to the firm, Goodman Allen Donnelly. From the very first phone call with Mr. Daniel G. Krasnegor, my spirits were lifted. Mr. Krasnegor, in a phone review, offered to assist my efforts with a difficult appeal. Then, Mr. David Lowenstein called and I forwarded my complete file, with all necessary documents regarding all the declines and appeals. All through the process of Mr. Lowenstein’s efforts, he maintained a positive, but realistic view of how the process was progressing. Sure, there were “denial letters” from the VA, however, Mr. Lowenstein never ‘lost focus’ of continued professional handling all challenges. My experiences with the VA were slow and awkward, in regards to their requests for additional information. Not so, with Mr. Lowenstein and the law firm’s personnel. At no time did I feel ‘lost’ or ‘afraid’, as the staff and Mr. Lowenstein kept the laser focus, solidly on the legal responses over their involvement.

    My “good minutes” each day are limited, so I’m very zealous when working on detailed projects, such as my appeal challenges. I found that Mr. Lowenstein was aware of my limitations for lengthy conversations, and he and the staff were always prompt and very client aware, answering all of my questions, and providing sincere attention to my case. Would I recommend Goodman Allen Donnelly? YES! And in closing I would again like to thank Mr. Krasnegor for lending the first “helping hand” with his first telephone conversation, Mr. Lowenstein’s constant keeping my case moving, and the firm’s personnel that did all the legal questions answered and a positive attitude.

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