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Sharon D.

My Name is Sharon, my husband, an Air Force veteran of Viet Nam, died of leukemia. But before he died, we were constantly filling out paperwork and forms to apply for service connected illness, and when he dies, I began the application process for his service connection death. After his death I will never forget going to the VA administration offices to find out what more could be done and the man behind the desk said, “Unfortunately, with your husband’s death, his case died with him.” But other veterans told me that was not true, that with my husband’s death, his case became my case, but I was still so alone. I knew I had to search for an attorney to help me. Meanwhile, the stress of dealing with the myriad government forms was enough to cause an ulcer. And, despite the so-called paperwork reduction act of 1995, I felt overwhelmed. So, I was relieved that the firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly took my case. At last someone was on my side! Throughout the years and constant appeals the firm called me often to keep me informed and up to date on my case. They took care of everything! And because of their perseverance, I was awarded my case! I can’t say enough how they relieved my stress. I could breathe again, live again, while I waited for my case. I want to shout from the rooftop, skywrite their name, but I hope this letter is enough. Thank you, Goodman Allen Donnelly!! Sincerely, Sharon D.