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C&P Exam – What To Expect and How To Prepare for One

C&P Do's and Don'ts

While the C&P Exam, also known as the VA claim exam, is a medical examination, it differs from a routine doctor’s appointment. The doctor who examines you will not provide any treatment for your disability or prescribe any medications. Rather, this exam is conducted when an individual files for a pension claim or a compensation claim. It is a vital part of the claim review process, and it helps the VA decide whether the disability is service-connected, the level of disability, or if the condition should receive a higher rating because of worsening conditions. After the doctor completes their report, it will be used by the VA to either approve or deny a disability claim.

What Does the C&P Exam Report Contain?

After a doctor has completed their exam, they will prepare a report that will include a variety of information, including the individual’s medical history, a discussion of their symptoms, an assessment of the severity of their symptoms, and the doctor’s professional opinion on whether the disability is service-related.

This report will be sent to the VA Regional Office, where a person’s claim is being processed. However, it is important to note that the doctor does not make the final determination about disability eligibility and the percentage rating. Instead, the C&P exam is a critical factor in the decision-making process, as the Regional Office will make the final determination, but it is not the only evidence considered.

How To Prepare for a C&P Exam?

When preparing for a C&P exam, knowing its purpose and communicating your situation as accurately as possible is important. You should also understand that you will not have much time to explain your situation, so you must be prepared. The tips below are some things to consider doing to help make sure the appointment goes smoothly:

Be Ready to Answer

Man hearing his diagnosis from a doctorWhen you are seeking disability compensation, it is important to be honest with the doctor who is evaluating you. Instead of responding with “fine” or “good” when asked about your condition, take the time to open up and share the truth about the pain and issues you are experiencing. This will ensure that the doctor has accurate information when preparing their report. In addition, before your appointment, prepare by thinking through your symptoms, treatment, dates, and details, and be ready to discuss how the disability has impacted your life.

Talk About The Facts

When you meet with the doctor, you must provide concise and accurate information about your condition. Avoid telling long stories about how you have been mistreated or why you are upset. Stick to describing the symptoms related to your impairment and be prepared to answer questions that will help the doctor determine the severity of your condition.

Be Honest

It is crucial to provide truthful and accurate information about your condition without exaggerating or misrepresenting it. Fabricating details or providing false information can lead to your claim being rejected, which can cause significant financial strain.

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Even in circumstances where you had a C&P exam that went well, your VA disability claim can still be denied. While this may seem discouraging, it’s essential to understand that there are still options available to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

At the Veterans Benefit Group of Goodman Allen Donnelly, our legal team specializes in appeals, and we are here and ready to fight on your behalf and assist you in pursuing the benefits you are entitled to. For more information about the appeals process or how our legal team can help you, contact us today.