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In the words of Our Clients

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“At the time I had been a certified DAV Chapter Service Office for over 6 years having helped a list of veterans achieve great success on their claim. After 2 appeal denials I chose Goodman Allen Donnelly from a recommend Veteran’s Attorney list. It was the best decision I made. They was very thorough, detailed and constantly in touch throughout the process. VERY, VERY pleased with the outcome. I STRONGLY recommend any veteran seeking assistance with an appeal. As a representative who assists veterans I will certainly recommend any of them I feel needing higher representation.”

Nathan H.

“Without any reference I selected this law group to represent me and my claim. Best choice ever and they did a great job. They kept me in the loop. The attorney called me and discussed strategies. They cut a lot of red tape and in the end got me a higher percentage than I thought possible.”

David W.
Sgt. US Army

“Goodman, Allen, & Donnelly resolved my VA disability claim. I sincerely believe that, had it not been for their hard work and dedication, I would not have gotten the outcome that I deserved. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality representation.”

Roderick A.

“Goodman Allen Donnelly is the sole reason why I received the rating I did.  They fought every day to make sure they represented me to the best of their ability.  I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of representation.”

Matthew K.

After years of remands, denials and ineffective service organization representation (DAV and VFW) I have now received a grant of approval of claims from the BVA. This would not have happened without the excellent representation of the law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly, with special thanks to attorney Nancy Foti. I highly recommend them to all veterans in seeking benefits or have claims pending with the VA.

Trinity R.

Mr. Krasnegor, I can’t thank you and your Staff enough for all the hard work and due diligence you have all put into my case to bring it to a successful conclusion this year. We first spoke when I was having my Left knee replacement in May of 2006. My Right knee had been replaced the previous year. I orirginally filed my claim back in August of 2002. The claim was filed after reviewing it with a VA Consular who had said that what I showed him, that I should easily get a 100 percent disability rating. Not so, it was denied, and I was offered a chance to bring my case before a judge at the Regional VA office in St. Petersburg, FL. This occurred following right knee surgery March 2005. My VA assigned consular advised me not to waste my time coming for the hearing as my case had no merit. My wife Miriam and I were only more encouraged to attend the hearing. My VA consular met us and again urged us not to waste the Judges time. We went anyway. The Judge was quite friendly and asked a lot of questions about my military service. Giving it some thought, he recommended that I should get a civilian doctor to write a letter explaining my injuries. My orthopedic Doctor that performed the surgery was more than happy to comply. His opinion was that injuries to both my knees were due to my military service. So, I resubmitted my claim with the accompanying letter. This claim too was denied. I was frustrated and disgusted with the way the VA had treated me. That’s when I decided to get a lawyer to help me get through the VA process. Your firm was selected from dozens of solicitations I had received. This is where you came into the picture. You took charge. I got a second letter from another Orthopedic Surgery that was threatening me for some other issues. This letter stated that it was his opinion that all my injuries were related to my service. After that I thought at last things would break my way. Not so, but after many more VA examinations and denials at every turn you and your team stuck with it, resubmitting rebuttal after rebuttal. Finally, in December of 2018 we got the decision you thought I should have since you took the case. That took a lot of hard work from you and all the other members of your staff to bring my case to a successful conclusion. That’s 11 plus years of effort you and your staff dedicated to my case. To simply say THANKS is not enough. I owe my UTMOST GRATITUDE to You and your staff. I would be happy to highly recommend your services to any veteran in need of legal representation.

David H.

I cannot thank you enough for the services that you have rendered on my behalf to the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding my disability and the subsequent Appeals process. You have worked tirelessly representing me for over 12 year and guided me through the appeals process with a greater understanding of the decision-making process of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) when it comes to disability compensation. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of VA disability claims, my VA disability case would not have been favorable, and the Regional and higher echelon VA offices would have dismissed and closed years ago. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you and the team at Goodman Allen Donnelly represented my family and I during these tiring years of uncertainty and unrest. Thanks for prioritizing me as a client and doing everything in your power to help me win my case and ensure proper compensation was awarded.

Natasha L.

The efficiency, effective and quality of assistance and representation of the Goodman Allen Donnelly law firm. The patience, the stamina, and endurance of the staff of this firm enabled my recovery of my disability benefits from my service 1958-1966. When others gave up, GAD never quit! We are eternally grateful, job well done with great character.

Howard C.

The attorneys and staff at Goodman Allen Donnelly worked tirelessly on my case with great sensitivity and dedication. It meant so much to me at such a difficult time, that the well-informed, sensitive staff was always available to answer my questions and keep me updated. The integrity, diligence and kindness of Goodman Allen Donnelly went beyond expectations and I highly recommend this firm.

Alfred F.

My Name is Sharon, my husband, an Air Force veteran of Viet Nam, died of leukemia. But before he died, we were constantly filling out paperwork and forms to apply for service connected illness, and when he dies, I began the application process for his service connection death. After his death I will never forget going to the VA administration offices to find out what more could be done and the man behind the desk said, “Unfortunately, with your husband’s death, his case died with him.” But other veterans told me that was not true, that with my husband’s death, his case became my case, but I was still so alone. I knew I had to search for an attorney to help me. Meanwhile, the stress of dealing with the myriad government forms was enough to cause an ulcer. And, despite the so-called paperwork reduction act of 1995, I felt overwhelmed. So, I was relieved that the firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly took my case. At last someone was on my side! Throughout the years and constant appeals the firm called me often to keep me informed and up to date on my case. They took care of everything! And because of their perseverance, I was awarded my case! I can’t say enough how they relieved my stress. I could breathe again, live again, while I waited for my case. I want to shout from the rooftop, skywrite their name, but I hope this letter is enough. Thank you, Goodman Allen Donnelly!! Sincerely, Sharon D.

Sharon D.

I have used Dan Krasnegor since March 2003. When he first appealed my case, I was only getting 10%. It took 15 very long years and many appeals, but he finally got me 80% unemployable (equivalent to 100%). I would recommend him to anyone, and I do.

Rhonda H.

Your office has miracle workers. Namely Nancy and Mrs. Jackson. I would have to write a book to tell how wonderful you guys are. Thank you very much.

Leo R.

I am so grateful to Daniel Krasnegor and Kristine Arvey for taking on my appeal for benefits I was entitled to through the VA, without which I do believe I would have just given up. I encourage any veteran struggling with their appeal to the VA to contact this group. They will win in the end.

Helene W.

I will remain grateful for the vigorous legal assistance with my VA Claim provided by Goodman Allen and Donnelly. I value the knowledge and expertise of your law firm in the laws governing the VA disability program, in light of the myriad reasons, excuses, and tactics the VA uses to shamefully deny claims. After researching Goodman Allen and Donnelly (ie, winning appeals), and following initial case evaluation, I knew winning my claim was greatly increased by having Goodman Allen and Donnelly represent me. The insights, skill, and high ethical standards shown me by Goodman Allen and Donnelly are commendable.


Thank you, Daniel Krasnegor, and your legal team of Goodman Allen Donnelly so very, very much. You were one of the first persons to send me correspondence stating that you believed in my claim and offered to represent me when it was at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. You successfully got my case remanded back to the Board, where they eventually gave me a decision for my hip condition and an overall rating that I’m happy with. You and your team got the Regional office to implement the Board’s decision. Thank you all.

Robin M.

Congratulations again, David Lowenstein, for being successful with my very challenging CUE (Clear and Unmistakable Error) case. My wife and I appreciate you very much for your professional knowledge, attitude, and stamina in settling this incorrectly handled 1981 decision on my behalf. Thank you and your staff for always being so prompt with our questions and concerns even though you are states away from us.

James S

Since 2000, the law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly has worked tirelessly on my case. They never gave up on me or my case. I prayed that my deceased husband would get his justice from the VA, and 17 years later it has come to pass. Thank you, Nancy Foti, Daniel Krasnegor and the law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly for all you have done on my behalf. Words can’t express how grateful I am. May God bless you all. Thank you so much.

Esther R.

ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE I had several dozen letters from various law firms and attorneys all over the country offering to represent me at the VA. I read them all carefully and selected the top three from the pack. Each of them received a call from me to discuss how they would handle my claim. From those calls I selected GOODMAN, ALLEN & DONNELLY. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Right from the beginning my claim was assigned to a specific VA specialist attorney – Nancy Foti, who has been with me throughout this entire process. She had a “team” of paralegals to assist her. Together they made sure my phone calls and e-mails were answered promptly. They explained the finer points of the VA memos, requests and legal process to me in terms I could understand. I was copied on all of their correspondence with the VA. They handled everything over the years including the several appeals that were necessary. Ultimately they were able to obtain a very satisfactory disability rating for me. I have been absolutely delighted in my association with Goodman, Allen & Donnelly and would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with the VA on disability claims.

Darrell P.

I cannot give enough thanks to the Veterans Benefit Group of Goodman Allen Donnelly for helping me get my survivor’s Benefit and Burial Benefit from the Veterans Administration. I had jumped all the hoops through the VA system for over 3 years, and even being denied after my hearing in DC with a DAV representative there. From the beginning the Law Firm was encouraging but also honest in expectations that it might take a couple of years to get a decision, and that that decision could still be adverse. They kept me well informed about all their contacts with the VA. To my surprise I received approval notice from the VA for both benefits in eight months! This decision prevented me from having to file bankruptcy. I will be eternally grateful to the Law Firm for their hard work and for all they do for veterans and their families.

Jean L.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your representation on my appeal. I’m very pleased and satisfied with the results that were achieved on my behalf. I was always kept informed of each step of the appeal. I’m very happy to have been a client of Goodman Allen Donnelly – the best. Robert S. 1/27/17

Robert S.

In March of 1968 my husband, David, stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and started down the horrible road called The VA. In July of 2008, David applied for aid and attendant so I could retire and take care of him because of the Rheumatoid arthritis that was taking over his body from the injuries he received in Vietnam. On August the 2oth, 2012 my beloved husband died after months in the hospital from the arthritis taking over his lungs. David’s claim for aid and attendant was denied by 2 judges claiming I had confused them and he did not qualify.

In February of 2015, I had had enough and found my God-send, David Lowenstein. In less than a year he has taken hold of my cause and fought for me in ways I never could have and on October the 5th of 2016 David’s claim was approved. I will never get a chance to tell David that he got what was right but, I can sure tell you that without Mr. Lowenstein, I would have never found justice. Thank You

Linda Kay S.

I have fought the department of veterans affairs since 1982. I learned of Goodman Allen Donnelly at the US Courts level per Mr. Daniel Krasnegor and I signed this firm to my appeal and I won several years later. They did not give up on my claim and fought hard so I could win and I did. They will fight for the veteran and I’m glad I had them on my side. Thank you so much!!!

Mackie M.

First, I would like to say “thank you” to Attorney David Lowenstein. Mr. Lowenstein stuck with me to the very end. He called and followed up with a letter during the entire process, from start to finish. My appeal was long but worth the wait. Thank you for your hard work and dedication on my case.

Robert F.

I am very pleased with the results that I got by choosing your law firm. I trusted your expertise to help me obtain my VA benefits. I was kept well informed through the entire process and very satisfied with the results. I would recommend your law firm to those who need your help with VA issues. Thank you!

Thomas M.

I’ve been fighting the Veterans administration for service connection for 41 years by myself, with organizations, CVA and BVA attorneys who didn’t care. They either wouldn’t represent me or did, then quit. Attorney Daniel Krasnegor believed in my cause, accepted me as a client and went to work for me. Attorney Nancy Foti and staff never gave up. They went beyond the call of duty. It took a long time, but they kept fighting and won my service connection. I can never thank them enough for believing in me and my cause. They are not quitters. Thanks to everyone.

Charles F.

The law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly is a Godsend to me. I was told by law firms across the U.S. that they were unable to help me. With only days left on my appeal, they took my case (with no assurances) and brought me from no rating – to 60% and eventually to 100% TDiu. Without the truly professional help of their staff of attorneys and paralegals, I don’t know where I would be today.

Mark H.

“All praise and thanks to the legal team from Goodman Allen Donnelly who diligently and tirelessly worked on my claims. . . . They obtained a total disability of [individual] unemployability as far back as the date of my initial claim. What a dedicated, persistent group with integrity they are!!!”

Paul K.
Air Force

Approximately 3 years ago I hired Dan Krasnegor of Goodman Allen Donnelly to represent me in my VA Claim for benefits. Up and until that time my own efforts of representing myself in this claim had been both frustrating and fruitless. Mr. Krasnegor and his assistants have professionally and successfully defended my claim. It was I who asked Dan if there was a way I could help others in similar circumstances as my testimonial and this I do happily here.

Christopher K.

I would highly recommend the law office of Goodman Allen Donnelly for in my opinion they are the best – especially Mr. David Lowenstein. I have personally dealt with him and he is very kind and understanding of the situation involved.

Frances R.

Mr. Krasnegor was very helpful in leading me through the process necessary to effect this change: First, I interviewed several law firms for my case. He and his team seemed to be, among all that I interviewed, the most competent and knowledgeable with laws and rules of the VA processes that deal with classification changes. They all listened attentively to what my goals were in changing my VA classification, we held several strategy meetings and submitted the appropriate forms and documents, and, finally, we submitted a letter stating why I should be reclassified and, specifically, what laws applied to my case. Thanks to this team effort, the application went smoothly and I was approved for the change, resulting in an increase in my pension and medical and dental care, and eligibility for adaptive design changes to my housing.

James H.

[We] are so pleased how Goodman Allen Donnelly and their staff members handled our claim. Their continual diligence, with attention to details, was outstanding! We would strongly suggest [that] others use Goodman Allen Donnelly.

Bell & Philip B.

Because of the time lapses between the date of my military discharge and the time I began to pursue disability income, the VA denied my hearing loss was service-connected. Without Goodman Allen Donnelly, that would have ended what turned out to be a successful conclusion for me. After much research, the law firm obtained, at first, an 80% disability rating. Convinced I qualified for greater disability, the firm continued their efforts on my behalf. They achieved a 90% and finally a 100% disability rating for me.

Dale W.
Navy Veteran

The excellent research work and tying together the pertinent facts to bring forth to the judges, lead to my winning my case, which I had almost lost hope of accomplishing. I also appreciate the close contact with David Boelzner, who was available if I needed answers to my questions, of course all cases are time consuming and require patience. Thank you all. –C.W.


Nancy Foti and Minerva Glover worked on my veteran’s case for over seven years. They secured my service connected VA benefits with a one hundred percent reating from the day after my separation from the U.S. Army. The VA recognizes me as a permanently and totally disabled Veteran. I wish to thank Nancy Foti and Minerva Glover for advocating for me before the VA for over seven years with successful results.

Jonathan M.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I filed for benefits in 2000 for three service connected benefits. Nancy Foti began representing me in 2007. She argued my case before the Veterans Board of Appeals. I was awarded 80% service connected disability in December 2013. We have filed for individual unemployability to get 100%. Nancy Foti, of Goodman Allen Donnelly, has worked tirelessly with great professionalism to acquire my deserved benefits.

Ernest B.
Army Veteran

My journey and struggle with the VA in trying to get compensation for injuries that I sustained in the military went back ten years ago. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs means well, but their mediocre service organization lacks the expertise of a well-established law firm like Goodman Allen Donnelly. It was only after I became a client of this law firm, represented by Mr. David J. Lowenstein, that things started happening for me. There were times when all hope has failed me, but through his endurance, confidence and knowledge my case was a winning one. Thank you.

James Y.
Army Veteran

Several years ago my family and I were locked in a hopeless battle against the VA. As months continued to pass by, despair took over as we never thought we would win what was rightfully ours. But then, the law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly stepped into our lives and fought hard for our family. This firm was dedicated, understanding, compassionate and loving as they fought for our rights.

Jeanette S.
Widow of a Navy Veteran

When beginning the appeal process in Washington D.C., I chose a law firm to represent me who, 30 days later, said my case was not winnable. I then contacted the law office of Goodman Allen Donnelly. Dan, my attorney, who kept in contact with me always, reviewed my case. He obtained all the facts and got started. He presented my case in a simple, clear, and understandable way, keeping it right to the point. It made me question why all of my prior representation was unable to present my case as he did. My type of case is called a “clear & unmistakable error” and not easy. However, because of Goodman Allen Donnelly’s efforts, I received a settlement of over $70,000 (back pay), but most important a piece of mind. Knowing it was finally settled. Thank you Goodman Allen Donnelly – Tony

Anthony C.
Marine Corps Veteran

I was extremely impressed with the manner Goodman, Allen and Donnelley handled my appeal case with the VA.  Special recognition to Keenan Danehey from the beginning to the end of my case. It would be a pleasure to refer Goodman, Allen and Donnelley  to veterans seeking assistance with their cases. Thank you tremendously.


Howard S.