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Attorneys Devoted to Veterans Benefits

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Looking out for America’s Veterans

Veterans Benefit Group is composed of attorneys and paralegals dedicated to representing veterans and their families in their struggle to obtain VA benefits.

Our country’s military personnel and veterans deserve the benefits and support they’ve earned. At Veterans Benefit Group, a legal service of Goodman Allen Donnelly, we provide legal support to current military, military families, veterans and retired military to get them the pensions, compensations, education and other VA benefits they need.

Our attorneys understand how rigorous and challenging the process can be. We simplify the process and help guide our clients down a successful path.

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Conference for the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA)

In April 2017, Erin Ralston will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas, to attend the Spring conference for the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA). The conference will bring together veterans’ advocates from across the country, and they will discuss important topics which pertain to the VA claims process. The NOVA conference is an opportunity...Read More
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