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Agent Orange

If you were exposed to Agent Orange during your service and have a resulting health condition, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. In the guide below, we will review how Veterans can obtain benefits if they were exposed to Agent Orange and the options they have if their claim is denied. Eligibility for VA […]

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Research  indicates that military personnel who flew in dioxin-contaminated aircraft used to spray Agent Orange in the Vietnam War (Operation Ranch Hand) may have been exposed to greater levels of dioxin than has previously been recognized. The recent study indicates that the potential for exposure to personnel […]

As many veterans are aware, there are a special set of regulations that provide for “presumptive service connection” for certain conditions if a veteran was exposed to Agent Orange.  This list is important because if a veteran does develop one of the listed condition, even 40 or 50 years after service, and they served on […]

Even if a particular condition is not on VA’s “presumptive list” as a condition caused by Agent Orange exposure, a veteran can present medical evidence to show that his or her individual condition is “as likely as not” related to that exposure. A new VA study suggests a link between Agent Orange exposure and kidney […]

You may have heard that VA had proposed new rules recently to allow veterans with ischemic heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and B-cell Leukemia, to get service connection automatically if they were exposed to Agent Orange. These rules have now been put on hold while Congress looks at whether or not to allow them to go […]

VA announced on October 13, 2009, that it will add three more illnesses to the “presumptive list” of Agent Orange related diseases: Parkinson’s disease, B cell leukemias, such as hairy cell leukemia, and ischemic heart disease. In practical effect, this means that a service person who served in Vietnam during the war and has one […]