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Tips – When mailing documents to the VA

Filing a claim for VA benefits can be a daunting task. It often requires the veteran to fill out and submit many forms or documents to the VA. Gathering this information can be very time consuming and in some cases costly. Therefore you want to ensure that the documents you sent are received at the VA and added to your claims file eliminating the need to resubmit if lost or misplaced.

Keeping track of what documents or forms that are sent to the VA can be challenging yet very important. The VA is a large agency and the possibility of documents being lost or misplaced is great. Here are few things to remember when submitting anything to the VA:

1. Always maintain a copy of what you are sending to the VA for yourself.
2. Do not send the original document unless otherwise instructed by the VA to do so.
3. If possible, send documents to the VA by certified mail requiring a signature confirming receipt.
4. Make sure the documents you send have your name and claims file number clearly listed on the document.
5. If you received a letter from the VA requesting that you send a document(s) pay close attention to what address you are instructed to send the document to.
6. Make a phone call to the VA to confirm receipt of the documents you sent.
7. If you are represented by an Attorney or Service Organization, before you submit anything to the VA discuss with them best practices when mailing documents to the VA.

Following these simple tips may alleviate the need to resend documents and diminish the possibility of your documents being lost or misplaced.

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